6 violations that have biggest effect on future car insurance

6 violations that have biggest effect on future car insurance – Your history as a driver will determine a lot on how your insurer will treat your application for insurance cover with them.  As a general rule, the more risk you pose on the road, the higher your premiums go.

Violations on the road are not necessarily bad for your insurance rates. However if your violation has potential to become a major problem and possibly huge liability to the company, therein lies a problem.  And that is why we are here. Because we know some people have had one too many shaves with the law and some insurance companies will not want to come near them. If you are what they call risky, you need a few lessons on what may have earned you the title.

Read on and see if any of these apply to you.

Driving under the influence

Are you in the habit of driving after you’ve been drinking? You are in violation of the law. If caught intoxicated and driving you may get a ticket, a suspension or even jail time. Now getting away with it one time is luck for you, once you decide to make it an everyday thing, then realize you face some extremely harsh penalties. Depending on the state you are in you could serve up to three months in jail. DUI or DWI is not something we advise you to consider because as you ponder the amount of money you will cough up in court fines, you need to remember what damage you may cause the next time. As if that’s not enough, your insurance premiums will go up in the future.

Hit and run

Have you been in a situation where you were in an accident, with another vehicle or a person and you decided to leave without any identification or help to the victims? Once caught, you may be charged for a felony. Generally the criminal penalties for a hit and range between $5,000 to $20,000. And unless you have really good defenses for yourself, you may face jail time at the discretion of the court. Secondly, your stats’ Department of motor vehicles will help assist administrative penalties for leaving the scene of the accident. Beware; you stand to have your license revoked. Do not be surprised if someone decides to sue you for damages for injuries they suffered in an accident you may have cause. And yes, if you are found guilty, your insurance company may decide to cancel your insurance cover with them.


Are you happy to race against your friends in illegal street races? Well, clearly this is a problem for you if you hope to keep your insurance costs low. For the simple reason, that you may cause damage to the car or death. Apart from getting a fine for drug racing, you will have to dig deeper the next time you renew your insurance. Note; if you get into an accident while street racing, then your premiums could go up by 200%.

Driving under suspension

Naturally, this is an offense while paying for another offense. One may get their license revoked for many reasons, for instance the once above. However, a person who deems it fit to go on and drive while suspended is bad news even to his insurer. Apart from facing stiffer penalties like jail time, they may be looking at higher premiums in the near future.

Motor/ vehicular manslaughter

If you unintentionally kill another person in a car crush you may be charged with the criminal charges of vehicular manslaughter. If you are found guilty of negligently driving a vehicle, DUI or violating safety precautions you may be convicted of vehicular manslaughter. Depending on the state law, a person could be heavily fined or face up to a year behind bars. 

Lack of insurance

If you have been charged for driving without insurance, clearly you are high risk.  You may get your license suspended, your vehicle registration suspended, and need to meet SR-22 requirements.

That having been pointed out, you can still seek out insurance and you will get it with us.

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