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What exactly is Financial Responsibility Insurance?

In order to reinstate your driving privileges, your state will require you to carry a specialized high-risk policy referred to as ‘SR-22, FR-44, SR-50 or SR-22A Insurance’ a/k/a financial responsibility insurance.

This ‘financial responsibility’ is not really an insurance policy; it is a form that is filed by your insurance company with the state.  This form is basically an agreement between your insurance company and the state that says that if for any reason there is a lapse in your insurance coverage, the insurance company is required to inform the State of this lapse in coverage immediately.

If for any reason there is a lapse in your insurance coverage, the state will immediately suspend your driver’s license for failure to comply with the mandatory insurance requirements.

Please contact us right away so we can help you avoid any further penalties, explain some of your options, find you discounts you qualify for and get you back on the road, quickly.

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