Where can I find motorcycle insurance that will allow me to attach an FR44 filing on to it? 

Finding motorcycle insurance with an FR44 filing attached can be difficult. That’s because many of the largest insurance  companies will not file FR44’s on motorcycle policies. There isn’t any real logical explanation as to why motorcycle insurers  have such a problem with doing filings. But this is the case with  most of the largest insurers.  It’s not because of any increased risk associated with motorcycle insurance. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the FR44 filing either, since it only needs to be filed electronically.

The  problem is that is causes a lack of competition, which drives the premium to a higher cost than it should be.  However there are insurance companies that will write certificates for motorcycles. But be forewarned, you will have to do a little more shopping around to get a good insurance rate with an FR44. And again that’s simply because of lack of competition.  That is also where Select Insurance Group can help.   I have a few motorcycle insurance companies that are FR44-friendly.

The state you live in can sometimes dictate how much competition there is. Some states have more options than others do. But even with state that don’t have as many options, I have found that it is still very possible to get a reasonable rate regardless of the competition level.

If you need any help with that give me a call at 1-855-438-7353 (855-GET-SELECT) or fill out a motorcycle insurance quote form and I will be glad to help you find a reasonable rate.