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Getting The Cheapest California SR22 Insurance

Getting The Cheapest California SR22 Insurance

Getting The Cheapest California SR22 Insurance – There are several ways to obtain cheap SR22 in California but sadly, most people do not know about this. Most people think that their present SR22 is already the best deal. Their insurer is not the only provider of SR22 insurance so when they get to say they already have the best deal, they might be totally wrong.

Most people always fail to shop for quotes

Most people think that it would only take so much of their time when they shop around. But in our digital world, shopping for SR22 would only take a matter of minutes. You will just only be required to answer a questionnaire and submit it online. In an instant you will already be given several SR22 quotes from different insurers based on the information that you have submitted. Shopping for quotes online could really save so much of your time and effort.

Do not fail to compare your quotes for SR22 once you have gathered them.

You actually have a couple of options to find inexpensive rates. You may visit each website of an insurance company or go directly to and compare your quotes in this have-it-all site, an SR22 comparison website. Compare carefully all the quotes that you have gathered including your present coverage and see which insurance offers, if not the best, better deal than your present coverage.

After shopping and comparing online, buy directly your preferred SR22 quote online. Buying an SR22 policy online allows you to get discounts from insurers. Hence, buying online is a great way to save not only your time but also your money as well.

South Carolina DMV Waiver Process

South Carolina DMV Waiver Process

South Carolina DMV Waiver Process

South Carolina DMV Waiver Process  – Effective May 2, 2016, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) will accept the MSF completion card in lieu of the SCDMV’s skill test for the motorcycle license endorsement. SC Rider Ed students will no longer be required to also take the SCDMV skills test to receive their motorcycle license endorsement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all sites participating in this process?
Each site is on a schedule to transition to the waiver process. Please check with the site regarding their participation before enrollment. We ask for your patience as each site moves forward with implementation.

Will a student need to take the SCDMV skills test when they go to the SCDMV?
The SCDMV will conduct random recalls for students participating in this process.

How long does a student have to submit their envelope and paperwork to the SCDMV?
A student has 30 days to submit their envelope and documents to the SCDMV. Envelopes must be sealed or they are invalid.

I took my MSF completion card to the SCDMV. Why are they not accepting my MSF completion card for the waiver?
In order to be eligible for the waiver process, there is additional paperwork that needs to accompany the MSF completion card. Please inquire with the course site regarding their participation in the waiver process and the additional paperwork needed. Only courses completed after May 2, 2016 are eligible for the waiver process.

Will the SCDMV accept my MSF completion card if I took the course in another state?
No, the SCDMV will only accept MSF completion cards with the additional paperwork from participating SC sites.

10 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

10 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

10 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

10 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance – Gas prices are soaring. Rent and home prices are through the roof. Doctor bills are enough to give you a heart attack. There’s no doubt, the cost of living is going up. Belt-tightening is a must for all of us, so if you can save money on motorcycle insurance, you should.

As with any kind of insurance, calculating the cost of motorcycle insurance is a matter of risk and protection. A mid-range policy for a customer in his or her mid-40s who is married and owns property in a decent neighborhood could run anywhere from $250 to $1000 a year. The 21-year-old with a bad driving record who buys a Gixxer? Well, he’s going to pay more – far more.

Motorcyclists all pay different rates depending on a variety of factors, but there are ways to get the most for your money, or even lower the amount you pay now. The basic formula says the older you are, the better your driving record, the longer you’ve had your motorcycle license, the less flashy and speedy your bike and the less expensive and risky it is to cover damages in your area, then the less you’ll pay for insurance.

But there are things any rider can do to alleviate the squeeze. Here in no particular order are our Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance.

1. Get trained, Get Certified

Most insurance companies offer incentives for completing a safety course such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course. Riders under 25 years of age and those who have a less-than-stellar record stand to benefit most from these discounts.

Because laws vary, keep in mind that if you take the course in one state or country and then try to present your certificate of completion for a motorcycle license elsewhere, the endorsement may not be accepted.

2. Keep It Clean

The bottom line is this: the better the record, the better the rate. That’s it, plain and simple. If your driving record – motorcycle and/or automobile – is free of accidents, tickets and other infractions, you will get a lower insurance rate. Progressive Insurance is one company that offers a discount for those renewing policies who did not post a claim during the most recent term.

3. Bundle Up

Usually, the more items under one umbrella, the better the rate, so look into having your motorcycle, car and homeowner insurance with one company, which can save you money on all of their premiums. And if you own a car, your insurer might offer a discount for covering your motorcycle as well. Geico, for example, offers a 5% discount for those who also insure their car with them. More than one bike? Even better. Geico offers a 10% discount for insuring more than one motorcycle. Always, always inquire about discounts, even if you think your situation is irrelevant. If you do not ask, you will not receive.

4. Be Patient

Riding time and experience are factors in reducing premiums, and there’s nothing you can do about it (except get trained – see #1). The way insurers see it, because you have less experience on the road, you are more at risk for an accident. In calculating risk, insurers look not only at a rider’s driving record but also how long he or she has been riding – and even what experience that rider has with the specific motorcycle to be insured. First-time bike owners can also expect to pay more for insurance.

One bit of advice: it stinks to wait, but if you know a previous traffic violation is about to be dropped from your driving record, hold off on requesting insurance quotes until that violation clears. This little act of patience will net a lower rate.

5. Store It, Lock It

If you own your own home or have a garage to store you motorcycle, that will reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance. Not all companies offer discounts for security systems, but it’s worth asking.

Utilizing a security system such as those with a remote key fob should help lower your insurance rate as well. Even better? Install an anti-theft/recovery system such as LoJack. Not only can you cut down your insurance bill, chances are you’ll get your bike back if it gets jacked. That’s the best insurance policy of all, and why many insurance companies place value on these systems.

6. Join The Crowd

Group discounts are one of the most popular ways of getting cheaper rates, and many motorcycle-specific groups get discounted insurance rates. Most official OEM riders’ clubs offer discounted insurance rates, as do non-motorcycling groups such as AAA and AARP.

Consider joining the American Motorcycle Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Harley Owners Group, Honda Riders Club of America, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Motorcycle Touring Association, Riders of Kawasaki, the Star Touring and Riding Association or the Suzuki Owners’ Club of North America. Check the official rider’s club of your bike to see its benefits on insurance.

7. Buy Less Motorcycle

Look, we know you want the biggest, baddest, fastest, coolest motorcycle. We all do. But if you’re shopping for a new motorcycle, don’t price yourself out of being able to ride it. Cruisers, for example, receive lower rates than sportbikes. Pre-owned, older motorcycles cost less to insure than brand new ones. Exotic bikes, vintage bikes, rare bikes, custom bikes – all will cost you more to insure than a sensible motorcycle with a sensible engine.

8. Know Your Policy

Many riders get sold on maximum coverage when they don’t need it. Experts say riders should carry enough insurance to cover bike replacement costs, hospitalization and to avoid bankruptcy. As your bike ages and depreciates in value, and the rider ages and gains experience, many riders drop comprehensive and collision coverage. You can also save money by dropping specialized coverage for accessories, total loss and trip interruption, or medical payments if you already have health care.

Yet, cheapest is not always best. For instance, liability – which covers damages to others but not yourself – is cheaper, but is even more of a liability for motorcyclists because, as we all know, there are no fender-benders on a motorcycle.

Other ways you can save on your policy include:
* Increase your deductible. The more risk you’re willing to assume, the lower your premium will be. For example, a $1,000 deductible should significantly reduce your premium.
* Pay up front, in full. Most insurance companies impose finance charges, so paying off your premium at the beginning of the term rather than in monthly increments saves money.

9. Ride When You Can, Don’t When You Can’t

Most motorcycle insurers allow riders to put their coverage on hold when they can’t ride for a period of time, or for the winter months. Many others offer “layaway” programs during the frosty season. In cases like these, accident-related insurance is suspended, but bike owners retain coverage for things like theft, vandalism and fire. Still, if there’s even a chance you might want to take a ride on an unexpectedly warm Saturday in February, a layaway program might not be worth the risk.

10. Talk, Shop, and Switch?

Get off the computer and call your insurance broker at Select Insurance Group on the phone at 855-GET-SELECT (855-438-7353) Ext 2. Agents are people too, with vehicles, homes and other property that needs insuring, and he or she may be willing to offer suggestions to cutting your premiums you hadn’t considered, such as altering your coverage or bundling policies as mentioned above.

Many insurance providers offer an incentive for switching from a competitor, usually by way of a one-time discount. While you’ve your agent got on the phone, let him or her know that you’re considering getting quotes from competing agents. Companies will often offer incentives for you to keep your business right where it is. Still, it can’t hurt to shop around occasionally. If you are switching insurance companies anyway and are not offered a discount by your new insurer, ask why not. A little chat goes a long way.

Cheapest Colorado Non-Owner SR22

Getting Cheapest Colorado Non Owner SR22

Getting Cheapest Colorado Non Owner SR22Cheapest Colorado Non Owner SR22 Insurance


The State of Colorado requires an SR22 filing after the following offenses:

  • DUI
  • Refusal to submit to a BAC test
  • Under 21, any conviction of alcohol/drug use while driving
  • Operating without liability insurance
  • Vehicular assault
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Using a motor vehicle in a felony
  • Failing to stop and render aid
  • Perjury of false affidavit or statement
  • Vehicle theft or criminal mischief causing damage to a vehicle

Getting Cheapest Colorado Non Owner SR22 – How To Get A Colorado Non-Owner SR22 Policy – If you are required to file an SR22 form with the Colorado DMV, and you do not own a vehicle, you may need to purchase a non-owner SR22 insurance policy. This type of SR22 insurance will cover other vehicles and their drivers in the event of an accident. It will not cover you or the vehicle you are driving.

Colorado Non-Owner SR22 Insurance and Ignition Interlock Law

The State of Colorado requires DUI offenders who had a BAC of 0.17 or higher to install an ignition interlock device in any vehicle that they drive. Colorado restricts these drivers to 2 years of interlock driving.
If you have an ignition interlock requirement for this reason, you will not be able to buy a non-owner SR22 insurance policy, because you will need to own a vehicle in order to fulfill the interlock requirement.

How to Get Colorado Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

Colorado requires drivers to keep an SR22 on file for up to three years, so it is important to find a rate that you can live with. If your SR22 is canceled at any time, your driver’s license will likely be suspended. If you are planning to change SR22 insurance companies, be sure to get your new non-owner SR22 on file before the current one is canceled. You can begin the rate comparison process by entering your Colorado zip code here:

For More Information:
For more information about Colorado non-owner SR22 insurance, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue or call 303-205-5613 (303-205-5940 TDD).

Colorado DUI First Offense

Colorado DUI

A person who gets arrested on a first offense DUI charge in Colorado will be charged in one of two ways. The first is if that person’s blood alcohol concentration, or BAC was .08% or greater, they will be charged with the offense of DUI. The second way a person may end up facing a drunk driving charge is if they are stopped and found to have a BAC level between .05% – .079% they will be charged with DWAI, or driving while ability impaired.

Colorado Administrative Drivers License Hearing

Upon being arrested for a first offense DUI charge in Colorado the arresting officer will immediately confiscate your driver’s license and issue you what is called a “Notice of Suspension” warning. This notice will function as your temporary driver’s license for the next 7 days.

Important: It is very important to note that you only have 7 days from the date that is noted on your “Notice of Suspension” warning in which to request an administrative driver’s license hearing with the DMV if you wish to avoid the pending suspension of your driver’s license. We strongly urge you to contact a Colorado DUI lawyer who has experience representing clients at DMV hearings if you hope to have a successful out come at your hearing.

The purpose of the administrative hearing at the DMV is for the DMV hearing officer to review the information that has been provided by the arresting officer against you to determine if in fact you were in violation of driving under the influence and your driver’s license should be suspended by the DMV. You and your lawyer will also be given the opportunity to present any evidence that you have gathered in your favor that refutes the officer’s evidence.
The hearing is also a great opportunity for your lawyer to listen to and challenge the arresting officer’s testimony as part of preparing your case for your day in court. Remember, the DMV administrative hearing is purely to deal with the potential suspension of your driver’s license and has nothing to do with the pending criminal case you will face in court.

Colorado First Offense Penalties

First time offenders will be faced with a minimum fine amount of $300 plus all associated court costs, up to a maximum fine amount of $1,000 plus all associated court costs. The court does have the discretion to impose a large fine amount if it is determined to be necessary.
Jail Time
A first time DUI offense will result in a minimum jail sentence of 5 days up to a maximum of 5-years. The length of jail time beyond the minimum will depend partly upon the circumstances surrounding your case such as any injuries to others, minor in the vehicle at the time, or property damage. These are just several examples of how a person’s jail sentence may be extended by the court.
Drivers License Suspension
If the DMV upholds the officer’s suspension of your license you will be facing a 3 month suspension period from the DMV. First time offenders may apply for a restricted license through the DMV after serving the first 30 days of the suspension period. If you refused or did not successful complete any part of the chemical testing your license will be suspended for 1-year and you will not be eligible to apply for a restricted license anytime during the 1-year period.
In order to reinstate your license following your suspension period or before the DMV grants you a restricted license you will be required to show proof of financial responsibility to the DMV in the form of an SR-22 form filing by your Colorado SR22 insurance provider. You will have to maintain yourSR22 filing status with the DMV for a period of 3-years from the date of reinstatement.
Ignition Interlock
First time DUI offenders who registered a BAC of .17% or greater will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle for a minimum of 2-years following the reinstatement of their driver’s license.
Community Service
All first time offenders will also be required by the court to serve a minimum of 48 hours of community service up to a maximum of 96 hours.
Chemical Test Refusal
As noted above in the Drivers License Suspension section, anyone who refuses to submit to a chemical test or fails to complete the chemical test will have their license suspended for a period of 1-year with no chance of receiving restricted driving privileges during that time.
Alcohol Education Class
All first time offenders will be require to attend and successfully complete an approved Colorado alcohol education class.

Colorado SR22 Insurance Information & Quotes

All first time DUI offenders in Colorado will be required to perform an SR22 filing with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. The SR22 is basically a form that your insurance provider will file with the DMV on your behalf.
The SR22 is real just a rider or attachment to your high-risk auto insurance policy that states that your insurance provider is obligated by law to inform the DMV if there is ever a lapse in your insurance coverage during the 3-year filing period. to insure that you avoid a potential lapse in your SR22 insurance coverage it is important for you to get multiple quotes from various insurance companies in your area who offer SR-22 filings with the DMV.

Colorado SR22 Insurance Filing Information & Quotes

Colorado SR22 Insurance Filings

If your Colorado driver’s license has been suspended or revoked because of a DUI or related offense, you will need to file an SR22 form in order to get your license reinstated. This means that you will need to find an insurance company that offers Colorado SR22 insurance.

The length of one’s Colorado SR22 requirement depends on the offense:

DUI Offense Length of SR22
1st Offense DUI or Per Se with no other alcohol convictions or revocations 3 months
2nd Offense DUI or Per Se 3 years
3rd Offense DUI or Per Se 3 years
DUI or Per Se involving an accident 3 years
1st Offense Refusal to Submit 1 year
2nd Offense Refusal to Submit 3 years
3rd Offense Refusal to Submit 3 years
Refusal to Submit with any prior alcohol conviction 3 years
Refusal to Submit involving an accident 3 years
2nd Offense Under 21 Per Se 6 months
3rd Offense Under 21 Per Se 1 year
Under 21 DUI or DWAI 1 year
Under 21 DUI or DWAI involving an accident 3 years
2 alcohol violations within 5 years 3 years
3 alcohol violations in lifetime 3 years

How to Get Colorado SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. Let us help you. We have partnered with the top SR22 insurance providers in Colorado to make this process as quick and simple as possible for you. We are able to quote every company that offers SR22 insurance in Colorado and give you the lowest rate possible while saving you the hassle of calling multiple insurance providers to get the same quotes. To get started, simply enter your information below and press “submit”:

How to Get Your Colorado Driver’s License Reinstated

In order to reinstate your Colorado driver’s license after a DUI suspension / revocation, you will need to buy SR22 insurance. Then, complete an Application for Reinstatement. Then mail your application, your SR22 form, and a $95 reinstatement fee to the DMV.
It can take 20 business days to process a reinstatement, so you will want to begin the process before your suspension / revocation period is over. The DMV will mail you a letter of clearance when your reinstatement is complete. You can then apply for a new license. You may need to retake your written, vision, and road tests.
If your BAC was 0.17 or higher, you will also be required to complete a Level II alcohol education and therapy course before reinstatement.

Colorado Ignition Interlock Laws

You may be eligible for early reinstatement with ignition interlock if:

  • This is your first DUI / Per Se offense and you have served at least 30 days of your suspension. You would then be restricted to interlock driving for 8 months.
  • Your license has been revoked for a DUI / Per Se and you have already served at least 1 year of your revocation.
  • To inquire about early reinstatement with interlock, call Driver Services at 303-205-5613.

There is also a mandatory 2-year interlock requirement in the following cases:

  • First offense with a BAC of 0.17 or higher (2 years)
  • Second offense DUI within 5 years (2 years)
  • Second offense Per Se in lifetime (2 years)
  • Third offense DUI or Per Se in lifetime (2 years)
  • Habitual Traffic Offender with one alcohol-related driving offense after 7/1/2000 (4 years)
  • Second offense Refusal to Submit (1 year)
  • Third offense Refusal to Submit (2 years)

Click here for a list of approved Colorado ignition interlock vendors.

For More Information: call the Colorado DMV at 1-800-777-0133 (TTY 1-800-368-4327)

What is Florida SR22s insurance? How to get it cheap?

What is Florida SR22s insurance? How to get it cheap

What is Florida SR22s insurance? How to get it cheap

What is Florida SR22s insurance? How to get it cheap – Most people who have never had a run in with the law when it comes to traffic law violation probably have no idea of the nature of a SR22s. A SR22s is a document draw up by an insurance company as an assurance to any interested parties, (for instance; courts, other parties’ auto insurance companies and department of motor vehicles in any state), that the carrier of the document is financially capable of meeting any liabilities that may arise in the event of an auto accident in which they are victims.

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What does an Ohio SR22 bond cover?

What does an Ohio SR22 bond cover?

What does an Ohio SR22 bond cover?

What does an Ohio SR22 bond cover? The Ohio state requires you to be in possession of auto insurance coverage while operating your motor vehicle on its roads. If you live in Ohio, one of the most relevant information that you need to know prior to violating any driving law is the SR22 bond- SR stands for Safety Responsibility.

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Penalties for Driving Drunk in Nevada

Penalties for Driving Drunk in Nevada

A first-time offender faces up to six months in jail or up to 96 hours of community service while dressed in distinctive garb that identifies the offender as a violator of Nevada’s DUI laws. A first-time offender is also subject to a fine ranging from $400 to $1,000. These offenders must also pay for and attend an education course on alcohol abuse. The driver’s license revocation period is 90 days. First-time offenders with a BAC of .18 or greater will be placed in an alcohol treatment facility for up to one year.

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Things people don't know about non owner SR22 Insurance

Things people don’t know about non owner SR22 Insurance

Things people don’t know about non owner SR22 Insurance

 Things people don’t know about non owner SR22 Insurance – Basically, a non-owner policy provides very little coverage.  The non-owner policy provides limited liability coverage if you drive a vehicle that is owned by someone else that is not insured.

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Penalties for an Accident While Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for an Accident While Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for an Accident While Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for an Accident While Driving Without Insurance – When personal budgets get tight, you may be looking at every line item for an opportunity to cut corners, scale back or save money. While it may seem that the perceived high premiums for your auto insurance is a safe budget item to scratch to save a few dollars, in the end this could be one of the costliest mistakes that you could make.

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