Consequences of DUI to your life

Consequences of DUI to your life – If you are caught drinking and driving with excess alcohol, you will be charged with the criminal offence “Driving under the Influence” (DUI). This will have serious impacts on your life. Consider the following:

Your Ability to Travel

Each state has different laws, and there may be additional administrative suspensions even if you aren’t convicted of DUI. Here are some of the outcomes:

Your license may be suspended. The suspension may last for months.You will need to find another way to travel. Getting to work, social activities, groceries, or anywhere else might be difficult. You may have friends who can help you out, but even good friends aren’t going to be available all the time. Think of the need for buses, trains, and taxis. Think of the inconvenience. You may be able to obtain a Hardship License that gives you specific permission to drive to and from work. Such licenses take time to come through. While you’re waiting, you’ll still have to organize every day without the ability to drive yourself anywhere.

Your Time

For many people, time is a precious resource. But having a DUI conviction will impact on your time. There’s time in court. If you’re fortunate, there will be only one simple court appearance. But a single appearance is rare. Many court dockets are crowded. Your case may be postponed or delayed for a number of reasons. You’ll need to be present each time your case comes back on the docket. And of course you may need to travel to get to the court, particularly if the offense was in another county or state.

But it won’t stop there. As an outcome of being convicted, you may find yourself having to go to weekly meetings, probation meetings, advanced driver training, and depending on the court findings, AA meetings.

And in a worst-case scenario, there’s the risk of jail time.

Your Money

The cost of a DUI conviction is easy to underestimate. The cost starts with the fine, but doesn’t end there. You will also have to pay court costs. Depending on how you defend yourself, there will be the costs associated with an attorney. If the court rules that you must undertake probation, weekly meetings and advanced driver training, you will be responsible for these.

In addition to these direct costs, there are indirect costs, such as the cost of travel and taxis to attend everything you can’t drive yourself to.

There’s alsothe increased cost of insurance. Your insurance company will increase your premiums because you’re now a higher risk. You will lose the benefit of being able to pay your insurance in monthly installments, and will have to pay insurance six to twelve months in advance. Over the coming years, your higher premiums could cost you up to $2,000, and the increased premiums may continue for three to five years. In addition to this cost, your state motor vehicle office may require an SR-22 form that verifies you hold insurance, just so you can keep your license.

How much can you afford? It could easily be $10,000, $12,000 or even up to $25,000 once you’ve covered all the expenses.

Are there any benefits you can take from being convicted of DUI?

Being convicted of DUI is a learning experience. If you can move from the experience with a little more wisdom, then the conviction will benefit you. The knowledge that you could have injured or killed someone, but because of the conviction you’ve changed your behavior should be priceless. If through the conviction you’ve learned to understand the impacts that alcohol can have, and you’ve become a more responsible person, then the charge has benefited you.