Ohio Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Ohio Non Owner SR22 Insurance – Most drivers in Ohio who have a suspended license or revoked drivers license need to file an SR22 form with the state. If you drive a car but don’t own it you can still get coverage and file the SR22 form to keep your drivers license. Our free online comparison tool will help you find insurance companies that offer non-owner SR22 insurance in Ohio. It only takes a few minutes and you can easily have your SR22 filed today.

Non-owner auto insurance is becoming more popular with people who live in a large city because owning a car is very expensive. If you need to file a non-owner SR22 insurance policy with the state we can match you with multiple companies that offer this type of policy.

Ohio SR22 Insurance Requirements

Ohio requires most drivers to carry SR22 insurance for at least three years but some other convictions may be up to five years. In addition to the time requirement it is also required that the non-owner SR22 policy is in force with no lapse during this time period. If you fail to maintain the SR22 filing your license will be suspended again. Below are the liability requirements for the SR22 form in Ohio.

Bodily Injury Per PersonBodily Injury Per OccurrenceProperty Damage

The liability limits shown above are only the minimum required by the state to drive legally and they should not be used as recommendations. It is wise to ask your insurance agent what they believe is best for your financial situation. If you do get higher liability limits on the non-owner SR22 policy it will increase your premium due to more protection.

How much is non-owner SR22 insurance in Ohio?

Each company will charge a different rate so make sure you compare rates from at least 3 insurance companies. Non owner SR22 insurance does cost less if you don’t own a car because you don’t need to insure a specific vehicle but the policies are still expensive due to the nature of why you need to file the SR22. Most drivers need to file an SR22 due to a traffic violation such as driving under the influence of alcohol.