It’s important to note right off the top that we recognize the significance of driving while impaired incidents that occur in the United States every single day. It is estimated that every 48 minutes, a person dies in America as a result of a vehicle collision which involved an impaired driver. However, should you find yourself in a situation where you are within the legal threshold of consumption, or haven’t been drinking at all, it’s important that you know your rights to protect yourself from unwarranted prosecution.

Keep Your Documents Handy

You can be stopped by the police at any time, it is recommended to keep your driver’s license and vehicle registration at hand and be ready to produce these documents when the officer arrives at your window. Any delay or disorganization in retrieving and handing over the documents may give the perception of panic and give the officer something further to investigate. Will they find anything of concern if they shine their flashlight into the vehicle? It’s best to direct their attention to the immediate matter at hand.

Provide Only what’s Required

It is important to know that the officer only has right to your documentation unless there is reason to suspect anything further. Produce your documents and keep your answers short and direct. The more information you provide, the more you open yourself up to further suspicion. Some people, when nervous begin to speak in order to avoid an uncomfortable silence, but this can often lead to sharing information that you hadn’t intended to say and this could aggravate your situation.

Don’t Pick a Fight

It is important to recognize that the officer is doing their job and if they have pulled you over for a traffic violation or suspected DUI, there is nothing to be gained by becoming confrontational with the officer. Be polite and answer questions. If the officer starts to venture into territory that does not allow you to give an honest reply without incriminating yourself, try to re-direct the conversation. If the officer asks if you have been drinking, ask them if they would like to see your driver’s license and registration.

If Asked to Step Out of the Vehicle

Should you be asked by an officer to step outside your vehicle, this is a request with which you must comply. This is especially advantageous to you if you are the designated driver and the level of intoxication of your passengers is obscuring the officer’s ability to determine your suitability to drive. The courts have identified that it is reasonable for a driver to step out of the car, but your compliance to any further requests is completely voluntary. Know that you do not have to perform any of the requested physical sobriety tests as directed by the officer. If you have been drinking and you believe that you can fool the system, what you need to be known is that poor performance of the physical tests may provide just cause for the officer to administer a breathalyzer test.

The Danger of the DUI and Breathalyzer

Of the scientific methods to determine blood-alcohol levels, the breathalyzer is considered to be the least accurate of the three. Many different factors can affect the reading and some courts have excluded the use of the breathalyzer as evidence in DUI cases. However, if you do blow into the breathalyzer and your reading is below the recognized .08 limit, you should be allowed to leave.

If You Are Not Impaired

It is important that if you are not impaired, and you are certain of it, that you take every step possible to ensure that you are not falsely charged. If the police vehicle is equipped with a dashboard camera, specifically ask the officer to turn it on to record all of the proceedings which take place including any physical performance tests or roadside breathalyzer. This may be a valuable piece of evidence for your future defense.

Should You Be Subject to Conviction

After a DUI conviction, you will still need to drive but the parameters of your insurance needs might change. Check with your insurance provider as you may be required to carry high risk driving insurance policies such as SR22, FR44, SR50 and SR55A.

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