Requirements for SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Requirements for SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina(SC) requires for 3 years. This can be a long time if you’re paying for a policy you can’t afford. To find the best South Carolina non-owner rates possible click here. If you are caught drunk driving (DUI / DUAC) or operating without mandatory liability insurance in the State of South Carolina, you will be required to file an form with the DMV.

This form proves financial responsibility. If the DMV has your form on file, then they know that you have liability insurance. In order to get a South Carolina  Insurance form, you must purchase South Carolina . If you do not own or have regular access to a vehicle, you can purchase what is known as non-owner . In this case, you would file a non-owner form.

Can I get a non-owner South Carolina  plan ?

Yes. Non owner SC  allows the named insured driver to drive any motor vehicle that they are given permission to drive. If you purchase a South Carolina non-owners policy, make sure you do not drive any vehicle you have not been given express consent to drive and ensure that the vehicle in question is insured by the owner.

An South Carolina non-owners insurance policy is a great way for drivers who do not own a motor vehicle and who may not have regular access to a motor vehicle to meet the states drivers license re-instatement insurance requirements. Purchasing non-owners liability coverage will enable drivers to satisfy the states requirements without owning a vehicle.

There are three types of certificates available:

  • SC Operators Certificate: This covers the driver for the operation of any non-owned vehicle they have been given permission to drive.
  • SC Owners Certificate: This covers the driver to drive any vehicles owned by the driver. The certificate may be issued with the details of the make and model of the drivers automobile or it may cover any vehicle owned by the driver.
  • SC Operators-Owners Certificate: This covers any vehicles owned by the driver and any vehicles that are not owned but the driver has been given permission to drive.

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