Texas Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Texas Non Owner SR22 Insurance – Texas drivers who don’t own a car can still get SR22 insurance filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The SR22 is simply a form attached to an auto insurance policy which confirms that the driver has maintained the required auto insurance. This means all drivers who don’t own a vehicle are eligible to get non-owner SR22 insurance in Texas but it makes sense to compare rates of multiple companies.

Once you decide on the auto insurance company then complete the policy and have them submit the SR22 filing with the Texas DMV. The filing fee is generally $25 to add the SR22 but check with each company you compare to see if the fee is higher. Once you receive proof of insurance you can get your license reinstated assuming all other requirements have been met.

Texas SR22 Insurance Requirements

Minimum level of coverage in Texas is determined by the DMV and legislation but all you need to know is that you have met the requirements of your financial responsibility filing. The SR22 must stay in force and have the acceptable liability coverage defined by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Bodily Injury Per PersonBodily Injury Per OccurrenceProperty Damage

If you decide to change auto insurance companies that is fine but make sure there is no lapse in coverage or your license could be suspended again. The key is to get the new policy started and in force then cancel the old policy for the same day. The old insurance company will notify the state of the cancellation but the new company will notify them of a valid SR22 policy.

How much is non-owner SR22 insurance in Texas?

With a somewhat limited number of insurance companies that operate in Texas shopping around for insurance is more important than ever. Each auto insurance company will use different bits of information to determine the premium to charge. Having said this it is our goal and focus to offer a comprehensive online sr22 insurance comparison system. By working with trusted insurance carriers in Texas we can show who offers SR-22 policies and allow you to compare online.