You are probably aware that there are certain insurances you are required to have by law in case you have been found in violation of driving regulations. SR-22 is one of the most common insurances used in different US States based on certain conditions. The Departments of Motor Vehicles of different states demand the drivers to be in possession of SR-22 in the event of traffic violations when the DMV considers there to be high-risk. Two States – Florida and Virginia also require FR-44 insurance. It is mostly required in case you have been found in violation of DUI regulations and the limits are quite high compared to those of SR-22. Below we will define few important specifications for FR-44 and the difference there is between the regulations of this insurance in the States of Virginia and Florida.

FR-44 Regulations in Virginia

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) of Virginia states that the convictions for FR-44 certification are demanded by law is following:

  • Maiming if you were under the influence (of any drug)
  • Driving while intoxicated by any drug
  • Driving in the event of the license being forfeited of a juvenile
  • Driving in the event of the license being forfeited when there is a finding of the court of not innocent for juvenile crime
  • If any federal law has been violated or the law of other states have been violated or the ordinances similar to these laws have been violated

The coverage limits for liability insurance is twice as much as that of SR-22 insurance limits in the State of Virginia, they are set for the bodily injuries as well as property damage at 50/100/40. More specifically – in case of bodily injury or death of one person has occurred, the insurance will cover $50 000, in the event of bodily injury or death occurs of two or more people the limit is $100 000 and $40 000 is the limit for property damage.

The double state minimum demands of FR-44 in Virginia applies to those motorists that have been convicted of the same violations as stated above and also the customers that have been convicted of those violations before and have the duty to file a certification of SR-22.

It has to be noted that the FR-44 requires certification to be filed on or after the violations 1st of January 2008.

DMV has the right to suspend the right to drive, register vehicles or obtain decals in the State of Virginia in case the person obliged to purchase the insurance cover and FR-44 to be filed fails to do so.

FR-44 Regulations in Florida

The main difference between FR-44 regulations between Virginia and Florida is the period it starts being in force for occurred convictions. It is required since February 2008; however those convicted on 1st October 2007 and on till 1st February 2008 for DUI violations were allowed to keep the limits from SR-22 – 10/20/10.

Another difference from Virginia FR-44 in Florida is the limits, which is 100/300/50. $100 000 is determined for bodily injury or death of one person, $300 000 for the bodily injury or death of two people and $50 000 for the events of property damage.

As for the violations that result in requirement of obtaining FR-44 it is substantially the same as those in Virginia.

The time frame for which you need to carry FR-44 can vary in states and are regularly amended; currently it is 3 years for the two States that prescribe the duty.

The FR-44 insurance is usually to be paid in full, however sometimes periodic payments are allowed. As for the prices they are determined according to several variable factors, such as age, location, sex, claims record, driving history and so on.

It is relevant that FR-44 you have obtained is regularly in force, which you can control with the help of your company.

DUI violations are extremely frequent and thus the need to have such insurance becomes rather realistic. It is not something to fear for, on the quite contrary, it keeps your peace of mind and you financials safe in case something bad happens.