Things people don’t know about non owner SR22 Insurance

Things people don't know about non owner SR22 Insurance

Things people don’t know about non owner

 Things people don’t know about non owner – Basically, a non-owner policy provides very little coverage.  The non-owner policy provides limited liability coverage if you drive a vehicle that is owned by someone else that is not insured.

Be Very Careful! 

Most states require the actual vehicle to be insured, so in this case, you could lose your license for driving an uninsured vehicle. If you have a non-owner policy, make sure that any vehicle you drive is insured by the vehicle owner.  If you happen to purchase a vehicle and have a non-owner policy, you must contact the insurance company to add the vehicle before any coverage will apply. Sample Scenario Joe doesn’t own a vehicle so he purchased a Florida Non-owner policy from Select Insurance Group to get his license reinstated.  The was sent to the State and the state promptly reinstated his license.  Two months later, Billy borrowed his girlfriend’s car to run to the grocery store.  On his way to the store, the tire blew out and Joe hit a parked car and did massive damage to his girlfriend’s car and the car that he hit.  Unfortunately, his girlfriend did not have liability insurance on her car. What Happened?  Joe & his girlfriend both got their driver’s license suspended for the vehicle being uninsured.  The non-owner policy paid the claim for fixing the parked  car but no coverage applied for fixing the girlfriend’s car.

What is an filing?

It is a piece of paper that is sent to your state DMV indicating that you have an active liability insurance policy.  It is an extra hassle for the insurance company and not all companies will be willing to do the filing.  Get an Quote

How to get your license reinstated quickly?

We offer Express License reinstatement for some states.  Notify your Select Insurance Group specialist and let them know that you are in a hurry.  The , reinstatement fee, and fax request are sent via overnight express mail to the State Licensing Department.  In most cases, your license can be reinstated the very next day.  An Express Fee will be charged for this service plus any applicable state fees.

Who are Policies for?

This type of insurance is generally required for drivers who have been caught driving without insurance, especially those who were involved in at-fault accidents while driving without insurance. It is also typically required for those who have been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, had their license revoked or suspended or had too many tickets or traffic offenses in what is deemed a short time period.

How Long Does Status Last?

Most drivers who meet the conditions for status will be required to carry this type of insurance. If this is required of you, call us for help figuring out the details of this status and learning what you’ll need to do next. Once a specified period of time has passed, your status will be removed as long as you have driven safely and legally without any lapses in coverage during that time. If you let your insurance lapse, your license will most likely be suspended or revoked and you might face fines. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have the coverage you need at all times.

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    I need a sr22 for Ohio, I live in Georgia do not have a car…but I need to get my license back. 2013 in Ohio I had a dui.

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    I need a quote on a sr50

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