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When is an SR22 required in Rhode Island

When is an SR22 required in Rhode Island

The SR-22 financial responsibility Insurance form is required in Rhode Island in the following cases:

  1. If you have any safety responsibility suspensions (Type Action 04, which involves uninsured motorists who did not pay for damages or injuries they caused). For example, if an uninsured driver was involved in an accident in the past but did not pay the requisite compensation then he or she needs to fill the SR-22.
  2. If you have any unsatisfied judgment suspensions (Type Action 06, a suspension resulting from a civil judgment entered against a driver involved in an accident that remains unsatisfied). For example, if a driver involved in an accident in the past has an unsatisfactory judgment entered against him then he or she needs to fill the SR-22.
  3. In case of revocations of license (Type Action 01 and 02).
  4. In the case of mandatory insurance supervisions.
  5. For individuals who have received more than three convictions for mandatory insurance violations.

There are three different types of SR-22 forms:

  1. The Operator’s Certificate covers the financial responsibility in the case the motorist does not own a vehicle.
  2. The Owner’s Certificate covers the financial responsibility for vehicles owned by the motorist.
  3. The Operators-Owners Certificate covers financial responsibility for all the vehicles that are owned or non-owned by the motorist.

For out of state resident

  1. If you are required to file an SR-22 in the state of Rhode Island, you will have to do so through an insurance provider that is licensed to do business in the state.

Additional information

  • An amount of up to $50,000 in cash or securities may be deposited with the State Treasurer in place of the SR-22. The motorist can also file a surety bond or a real estate bond approved by a court of record.
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