Wisconsin Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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Wisconsin Non Owner - Non owner in Wisconsin is required if you need to file a financial responsibility proof with the state but don’t own a car. The policy is very similar to a standard auto insurance policy except the vehicle is assumed to be a car that is not owned by the driver. In most cases this is someone who had a traffic citation or license suspension and still needs the ability to drive. If you need non-owner we can help you find the most affordable policy in Wisconsin just by comparing rates from multiple companies.

Policies for drivers that don’t own a car will only include liability coverage since there is no vehicle to protect but the policy can still provide adequate coverage that the state requires. Check the requirements in WI for non-owner below and get driving today.

Wisconsin Requirements

Non owner requirements in Wisconsin are the same as if you own a car. The driver must insure they have proper protection in terms of liability coverage which is shown here:

Bodily Injury Per PersonBodily Injury Per OccurrenceProperty Damage

It is a good idea to see what the insurance company or agent recommends given your financial situation. For example if you have a net worth higher than the lowest required amounts you may be putting yourself at risk in the event of a lawsuit. Higher liability limits are available even if you don’t own a car in Wisconsin. There may be other coverage options available such as medical payments coverage which could come in useful.

How much is non-owner in Wisconsin?

Each company will charge a different rate so make sure you compare rates from at least 3 insurance companies. Non owner does cost less if you don’t own a car because you don’t need to insure a specific vehicle but the policies are still expensive due to the nature of why you need to file the . Most drivers need to file an due to a traffic violation such as driving under the influence of alcohol.

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