Getting Cheap SR22 Insurance In Colorado: Updated 2016 Guide

Getting Cheap SR22 insurance in Colorado: Updated 2016 Guide

Getting In Colorado: Updated 2016 Guide

Getting In Colorado: Updated 2016 Guide – Select Insurance Group provides affordable solutions in Colorado. The following 2016 guide aims to cover all major aspects of getting and maintaining your policy. 

We shop multiple companies to satisfy our customers across the US. Our certified team will help to even hard to insure drivers.

Drivers in Colorado required to carry insurance policy to meet state minimum liability amount. Those who fail to maintain their insurance or having problems with traffic laws will eventually transfer into high risk category of drivers.

The following guide contains:

  • What is Colorado ?
  • Why would DMV require filing in Colorado?
  • Owner and Non-Owner
  • Who can issue ?
  • Who needs in Colorado?
  • Process of getting
  • Colorado law
  • How cost is determined?
  • Average cost in Colorado
  • How to file a Colorado form – checklist:
  • What can Select Insurance Group do for you?

What is Colorado ?

is not like normal insurance. It is the evidence that you have insurance. SR stands for “Safety Responsibility”. This is a small form that has some personal info and list of vehicles that you operate.

It will add some extra cost to your regular insurance. is required for 3 years. So that means, that Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be having an official notice from your insurance provider that you have your insurance.

In case you fail to maintain your policy, your insurance provider will instantly inform DMV about your policy changes. In this case your driver’s license will be suspended.

Here are minimum liability requirements for Colorado:

$15,000Property Damage – “PD”
$25,000Per Person Bodily “BI”. Maximum amount to be paid per person for bodily injuries
$50,000Per Accident. Maximum amount to be paid for all bodily injuries.

Why would DMV require filing in Colorado?

DMV would require as a part of a process to reinstate drivers license. This is only for drivers who are in high-risk category.

 Typically a person would be qualified as a high-risk driver when caught on operating a vehicle without insurance or driving under the influence.

Owner and Non-Owner

Just like normal car insurance has owner’s and non-owner’s policy – has same too. In Colorado, you may be required to obtain whether you own or do not own a car.

There are three main options to go for:

  1. Operator’s certificate – issued to the drivers that do not own a vehicle that they drive.
  2. Owner’s certificate – issued to the drivers that own a vehicle that they drive.
  3. Operator-Owner’s certificate – issued to the drivers that drive vehicles both owned and not owned. All vehicles that will be used are going to be listed in policy.

Who can issue ?

can be issued only by the companies that have a license to provide such services. Select Insurance Group is authorized to issue in Colorado as well as in any other state that has law.

We shop multiple companies to provide affordable solutions to our customers.

Please note: is not insurance. It is the evidence that you can afford to carry own insurance.

That means not every regular car insurance provider has as a product. Also, not every insurance carrier will service drivers with requirement.

Our company ensures that our customers get professional assistance in this process. Our licensed agents will make sure that your policy well maintained and properly filed.

Colorado SR22 Form
Sample of Colorado Form

Who needs in Colorado?

Suspended driver’s license is the main reason of requirement. In certain regions of our country it is almost impossible to do day-to-day stuff without a car. 

We would like to present complete list of reasons for in Colorado:

  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • No Insurance. Caught on driving without insurance, or failed to provide a prove of insurance
  • 12 points on record in less then 2 years. That also includes reckless and hazardous driving.
  • Other legal reasons

Process of getting

Since required for at least 3 years – you will need to find some reliable company to work with. The best way is to shop around, get quotes and make a decision.

Select Insurance Group shops lots of companies all over US. By filling out our quote form you’ll be able to compare costs within the country.

It only takes few minutes to fill out, but you’ll get overall picture on prices.

You are going to be very happy with our quotes.

Once you submit your information – one of our licensed agents will review it and contact you back. Once all the details are figured out and we got your payment – your Colorado will be immediately activated.

That means that DMV will be officially informed about your filing and you can reinstate your driver’s license.

Since its e-filing that means you can print out policy details instantly. Or save it on your device.

File Colorado SR22 now!

Colorado Law

As mentioned before, drivers who have requirement are in high-risk category. These drivers will need to reinstate their driver’s license first. Also they are going to deal with increased premiums and certificate. 

In Colorado is mandated for 3 years. That means you can’t pause it and then renew. For 3 years you have to maintain your policy, and be sure that it is active for a full period of requirement.

In case your lapse or you fail to maintain your car insurance policy – your insurance provider will instantly inform Colorado DMV about your policy changes.

SR26 form of cancellation will be issued automatically. In that case your driver’s license will be suspended. 

To restore your driver’s privileges you will need to get another and start over 3 year term.

The only way to get rid of requirement in Colorado is either to drive safe, or file for immediately for a full term.

How cost is determined?

Your driving history will not be required upon first-time minor violation. However if you have plenty of them – don’t be surprised. One of the factors will be your driving history and number of traffic violations.

Age – drivers under age of 25 are considered to be more risky. In fact, those who are older then 55 are at lower risk according to stats. So expect costs to be adjusted to your age. Based on our stats is mostly required by people at the age of 23-35.

Life Style – it will be much lower risk of an accident if you would drive few miles from home to work. But if your lifestyle involves a lot of driving, like more then average, that means you’ll have slightly higher costs.

Location – costs may be relatively higher in saturated places like cities. The more people live on a square mile, more risks to get into an accident.

Marital Status – often costs are lower to people who already married and have a family with kids. They are considered to be more responsible and willing to come back home safe.

Gender – based on well known stats, males are more likely to violate traffic laws and more often drive risky. That will result in some higher costs on insurance.

Your Car – if you drive high performance car, then you are more likely to get into accident. Consider buying some old used car to save some cash on insurance. Besides insurance itself – high performance cars have higher maintenance cost. 

Credit Score – those who have bad credit score on a record are in higher risk. That will result in higher insurance rates due to possible risks.

Average cost in Colorado

Based on many years of experience in Colorado won’t be higher then $25 per month. Select Insurance Group can offer prices as low as $15 per month and even lower.

We often have discount programs for our customers. We shop multiple companies to get better deals.

To check your price – fill out our quote form.

How to file a Colorado  form – checklist:

  1. Find a reliable insurance carrier that is licensed to provide . Luckily you’ve done that by reading our article. Select Insurance Group is here for your liability needs.
  2. Request to file on your behalf based on your personal information.
  3. Verify that your policy meets state laws on minimum insurance requirements.
  4. You will receive confirmation that DMV is aware of your filing.
  5. Make sure there is no pause with your payments. You need to maintain it for mandated period of time.
  6. Once mandated period is over, you will no longer need to pay for and will return lower insurance premiums.

Colorado SR22 Online Filing

What Select Insurance Group can do for you?

We are licensed coast to coast to provide services across the country. Our licensed agents will make sure to find best solution for your case.

We work with even hard to insure drivers. Feel free to call us at 877-949-7873 or 855-GET-SELECT to get you back on a road with no hustle.


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