South Carolina Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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South Carolina Non Owner

South Carolina Non Owner – The beautiful state of South Carolina has many drivers who need to file non-owner but don’t know which companies offer the policy. We work with the best auto insurance companies in South Carolina to help drivers find all types of auto insurance including the specific type where you don’t own a car and need to file an form with the state. This type of policy is simply just a liability only policy that is not specific to any one car rather any car that the person may drive. The key is that you must not own a vehicle to be able to have this type of insurance.

Finding the cheapest non-owner policy in South Carolina is easy if you use our free online tool. Simply just enter your zip code in the box above then click get quotes to start the process. Once you have compared rates from two to three companies you can make an informed decision and get your filed the same day. This will get you back on the road faster and fully legal.

South Carolina Requirements

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles requires drivers who need to file carry the following liability limits:

Bodily Injury Per PersonBodily Injury Per OccurrenceProperty Damage

When you purchase non-owner the company will notify the state electronically that you now have valid auto insurance with the certificate. Keep in mind that any time the policy is cancelled either by you or the company that the state will be notified and your license will likely be suspended. It is very important to maintain the filing until your probation period is complete which can be referenced on your court paperwork.

How much is non-owner in South Carolina?

The cost of auto insurance in South Carolina seems to increase each year because too many people drive without insurance. It is estimated that over 20% of the people on the road are not insured in South Carolina. This means that those that follow the law are paying higher prices to compensate for those that don’t. We try to help you find the most affordable non-owner available in South Carolina by comparing rates from the best companies.

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