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Cheap SR22 Insurance Policies – Select Insurance Group™ offers cheap SR22 insurance and cheap non-owner sr22 insurance solutions for the high-risk driver, regardless of your driving history or prior insurance. If you need Non-Owner SR-22 insurance, SR22 Insurance or DUI insurance, Select Insurance Group is the right SELECTion for you! We shop multiple companies, can meet the needs of even the most difficult to insure drivers, are licensed coast to coast and will find you the most competitive product and price for your insurance dollar. Select Insurance Group routinely finds SR-22 Policies that are hundreds of dollars less than competing quotes… simply by shopping the market at the time of purchase. Let Select Insurance Group find you the lowest price today! Call Now 1-855-438-7353 or enter your information into our Select Quote system!

Select Insurance Group shops over 15 companies that cater to the high-risk driver, to find YOU the lowest rate available.  However, be careful to not shop on price alone because as the old saying goes, ” you get what you pay for”.  You’re going to want an agent/agency that’s familiar with the system so your policy is properly submitted quickly, properly and acknowledged by the DMV upon arrival. We sell hundreds of SR22 policies every year and devote our attention to this market. Improperly submitted paperwork is often an issue with lesser experienced agencies. This can cause you to owe additional fees, incur a longer suspension duration, and/or other unwanted repercussions. Experience is critical!  Remember, “you get what you pay for”.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

Most states will require you to show future financial responsibility by having SR22 insurance.   An SR-22 can be purchased by a licensed insurance company in your state. The form shows the state that you have minimum liability limits for auto insurance for your state.   An SR22 is most often required after you get cited for driving without insurance, DUI or other major traffic violations.

Where do I get cheap SR22 insurance?

Cheap SR22 insurance is easy to find if you shop around for the best price like Select Insurance Group does for you.  Be sure to let the company know you need an SR22 and any accidents or tickets you also have. We offer a free service that allows you to compare multiple SR22 insurance quotes in minutes. no car sr22 insurance

Can I get an SR-22 if I don’t own a car?

Yes, no car?  No Problem!  You can get SR22 insurance if you don’t own a car. Many people don’t own a car but are required to show financial responsibility to the state. Ask your insurance company for a non-owner SR22 insurance policy that has an SR-22 included. This type of policy will provide you with the required liability coverage and is not tied to any one vehicle but any vehicle you drive.

How long is the SR-22 valid?

In most states the SR22 is required for three years but can be up to 5 years depending on your court required suspension period. The required time period will be stated on your suspension paperwork. If you cancel your SR22 policy prior to the end of your suspension the state will suspend your license again.

How much does SR22 insurance cost?

The cost to add an SR-22 filing to your auto insurance is usually $25 to $50. This is only the cost to file the form with the state. Your largest cost associated with the SR22 is the underlying citation such as a DUI. Most insurance companies increase your auto premium substantially in the event you are convicted of a DUI or other major violation. Be sure to get SR22 quotes from multiple companies to compare prices.

What if I move to another state during my suspension?

If you are required to have an SR22 filed with your current   residence state and you move you must continue to file with your previous state. Be sure to inform you insurance company of the new address but make sure that SR22 does not cancel. Not every state requires an SR22 filing so ask your insurance agent or company for details.

Can I switch insurance companies when I have an SR22?

Yes you can switch insurance companies during your required suspension period. If you find a lower rate at a different insurance company just make sure there is no lapse of coverage and the new company has all the SR22 filing information.

Who needs an SR22?

If you have been arrested or convicted to one of the following you may be required to carry an SR22:

  • Driving with under the influence DUI, DWI, DWAI
  • At fault in an accident while driving without insurance
  • Multiple traffic offenses specific to your state
  • Most any suspension related to a traffic violation

Is SR22 insurance valid in multiple states?

No, SR22 insurance is specific to the state which  the violation occurred. If you plan to move to another state while your current state still requires the SR22 filing do not cancel the policy until you have transferred your insurance to the new state. Some states don’t require SR22 insurancebut may have other requirements. Check with an insurance agent to see what the state requirements may be.

Do I need an SR-22 for each vehicle I own?

When you file an SR22 with most states they only care that you have proper liability coverage. When you add an SR-22 filing it is usually added to one vehicle only but this shows you have liability protection in that state for the required limits. For example you could have a motorcycle or second vehicle insured with another carrier that does not have the SR22 and that is acceptable.

When can I cancel my SR22?

Most SR22 filings are required for three years after the last day of your suspension period. It can vary from state to state and case to case but that is the most common. Be sure to check the letter you received from the state motor vehicle department regarding your suspension requirements. In this letter it will state how long you need to carry the SR22, if you have questions you should contact your state motor vehicle department. Don’t cancel the SR-22 policy until you know for sure the required time period or they will suspend your license again!

Will the insurance company send me SR22 form?

When you file for an SR-22 form with your insurance company they will electronically submit it to the state motor vehicle department. You will not receive   a copy of the form but you will have your proof of insurance which will have the policy number and vehicle information on it. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation the officer will know you have an SR22 filing on your insurance by looking at the filing online. There is no need for you to have a copy of the SR-22 form.

What is the difference between FR44 insurance and SR22 insurance?

Currently there are only two states that require FR44 insurance filings, Florida and Virginia. The FR44 is a proof of insurance certificate that requires the driver to have higher liability limits on the auto insurance policy due to a DUI. Driving under the influence in one of these states will result in much higher car insurance premiums and a three year period of filing an FR44 form. The cost of the filing is only $25-$50 but having the DUI on your driving record will cause the premiums to increase dramatically.

Can I have SR22 insurance on a motorcycle?

If you own a motorcycle and need SR22 insurance you can file the SR-22 form on that bike. Motorcycle insurance offers drivers the ability to own a bike and still have liability insurance which is required to file form SR22.

What if my Credit is bad?

If your problem is not a suspended license, but instead your credit rating is not up to par, we can still help! We will work with insurers who do not need to do a credit check to insure you. Believe it or not, carriers often quote the same or better rates to clients with poor credit!

We work with drivers who have had:Cheapest Non Owner SR22 insurance

Select Insurance Group’s Customer Testimonials:

Georgia SR22A Insurance for owners and Non-Owners ” Select Insurance Group was 1/4 of the price that everyone else had quoted for their Florida non-owner FR-44 insurance plans. I saved over $3,000 a year!!!” – Jamie B. – Kissimmee, FL.

Florida SR22 Insurance For Owners and Non Owners” Select Insurance Group made buying and filing my Non-Owner SR22 Insurance policy quick and easy!” - Anna  T. – Springfield, VA.

Florida FR44 Insurance for owners and non owners“ Select Insurance Group gets an A+ in my book.  The whole Colorado Non- Owner SR22 Insurance process took less than 5 minutes from start to finish.” – Lonny G. – Aurora, CO 

Virginia FR44 Insurance for owners and non owners“ Select Insurance Group had all the best carriers and prices for my California SR22 policy. My agent was extremely knowledgeable about the product, state regulations and helped me get back on the road quickly!”  – Jody G. - San Diego, CA.

Colorado SR22 Insurance“ Working with Select Insurance Group for my  Florida non-owner SR22 Insurance policy was a true blessing!”   – Twanda W. - Jacksonville, FL.

California Owner and Non-owner SR22 Insurance My agent at Select Insurance Group had my back on my Ohio SR22 Insurance bond.  The Financial responsibility was in place in less than 24 hours!” – David W. - Columbus, OH

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” Even though I had no prior insurance coverage,  my agent at Select Insurance Group was able to find me an SR22 after my Tennessee DUI. Within an hour, I was      able to walk into the DMV and get my license reinstated on the spot!” – Tammy A – Chattanooga, TN   

Cheap Non-Cancelable SR22 and FR44 Insurance in Florida

“  I’d recommend Select Insurance Group for anyone needing a Colorado SR22These guys are professional and very good at what they do” – Mary K – Aurora, CO

Indiana SR50 Insurance for owners and non-owners” My agent at Select Insurance Group cared about my situation, didn’t judge and helped me find an affordable Colorado SR22 Insurance plan after my OUI in Colorado!” - Gary S. – Aurora, CO.

Florida DUI Insurance

If you need an FR44 after a DUI in Florida, I’d recommend using Select Insurance Group. These guys are knowledgeable and work with a bunch of companies – so you know you are going to get the best deal“.  – Carl O -  Ft. Meyers Beach, FL

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