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What is SR22 Insurance?

Most states will require you to show future financial responsibility by having SR22 insurance. SR22 insurance can be purchased by a licensed insurance company in your state through an agency like Select Insurance Group. This SR22 form shows the state that you have minimum liability limits for auto insurance. It is most often required after you get cited for driving without insurance, DUI or other major traffic violations.

What is Florida FR44 Insurance?

Florida FR44 Insurance is a state specific filing to the more well know Florida SR22. This filing was created to insure that any driver convicted of a DUI carries limits of 100/300/50, while protecting other insured Florida Drivers. Under SR22 laws of the state of Florida, any driver must carry 10/20/10 or ‘state minimum’ limits. The state of Florida requires persons convicted of a DUI to carry higher bodily injury limits or ‘FR44’ to protect the public in the event they cause injury or accident to another party. The filing is usually electronically submitted to the state of Florida after the policy is submitted.

What is Virginia FR44 Insurance?

The Virginia FR44 Insurance requirement is state specific and insures a driver for double minimum coverage requirements apply to customers convicted of the above violations on or after January 1, 2008, as well as customers previously convicted of these violations that are required to file an SR-22 certification after December 31, 2008. If you reside outside Virginia, you may submit a letter on your insurance provider’s letterhead stating the double minimum coverage amounts. Please Note: (DMV placed a driver’s license STOP on the record of anyone who did not comply with this requirement by filing an FR-44 certification prior to January 1st, 2009. The STOP prevents customers from performing any driver transactions (such as renewing a driver’s license), but does not affect the customer’s ability to register vehicles.)

What is Indiana SR50 Insurance?

Indiana SR50 Insurance is state specific and is sometimes carried along side of the more well known SR22 filing. The Affidavit of Current Insurance (SR50) provides proof of current insurance to the BMV. The form indicates the beginning and ending dates of the current policy. An SR22 will also suffice for proof of current insurance. This document must be electronically submitted by an insurance provider to the BMV.

What is SR22A Insurance?

The SR22A is similar to an SR22 but only used is a few states. This form is used in Georgia, Texas and Missouri.
In Georgia and Texas the SR22A is a type of certificate normally used for repeat violators of financial responsibility laws. These two states required that policies with a SR22A attached to it must be paid in full for a six-month term. Missouri calls the SR22 a certification of liability insurance and the SR22A a certificate of liability insurance.
In Georgia, the SR22A is a term used for a responsibility insurance certificate. This is similar to a SR22, except it has further restrictions or is needed under specific circumstance. This financial responsibility filing can be required of a motorist in the state of Georgia if the individual has been convicted of operating a vehicle without liability insurance or other certain traffic infractions. In Georgia, it’s usually required for an unsatisfied judgment.

What is a DL-123 Form?

NC law requires you to show that you have liability insurance. This form can be provided for non owners policies and regular policies. The N.C. General Assembly has enacted legislation to require some (but not all) driver license applicants in North Carolina to submit proof of automobile liability insurance coverage in order to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license. Proof of liability insurance coverage applies to those:

Applying for an original license, including transfers from out-of-state; Whose licenses are being restored after revocation or suspension; or Awarded a “Limited Driving Privilege” by the court. Certification of liability insurance coverage must be submitted on DMV Form DL-123, or an original liability insurance policy, binder or an insurance card and must come from an insurance company licensed to do business in North Carolina:

These documents must show: Applicant’s name; Effective date of policy; Expiration date; and Date the policy was issued

Form DL-123, binders and certificates are valid only for 30 days from the date of issuance. This does not apply to applicants who do not own currently registered motor vehicles and who do not operate non-fleet private passenger motor vehicles that are owned by other persons. In such cases it is required that a certification of exemption (DL-123A) be signed at the driver license office.

The exemption restricts the driver to the operation of “Fleet Vehicles Only”. To remove the restriction the driver must pay a $10.00 fee and submit DMV Form DL-123.